A summary of ALL(or almost all) Case Studies that you have to know for GCSE

Im sorry if some of the facts are wrong but I did my best. (I got an A in Geography and I hope these revision summaries are as useful to you as they were to me) English is my second language and there might be some spelling or grammar mistakes sorry for that. Anyways I think that these case studies are very complete as they contain information from many resources.

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

China's population was growing at an alarming rate of 55 million
every 3 years

In 1979 the policy was stablished

It restricted the nº of children allowed per couple to 1.0

Raised marriage age ( Men 22 Women 20)


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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

A border of 3000km divides these 2 nations

Every year 1 million Mexicans try to cross the border

Usually go to California from Tijuana

-Poverty (40% population is poor) - USA is rich (GNP over $40,000
per capita)
-Unemplyment (28% unemployed)…

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

Most inhabitants are rural to urban migrants

There are 600 favelas, more tan 1 million people live here.

People don't have Access to basic services (clean wáter, proper
sewers or electricity)

Often built in unwanted land prone to floods and landslides with
scrap material (storms…

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

Washington, USA (Cascade mountain range)

Destructive Plate boundary:
Oceanic plate (Juan de Fuca)
goes under the continental
plate (North American)
because it is more dense.
The oceanic plate moves down
the mantle where it melts,
forming a pool of magma.
The magma rises through

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

confident of support from the government
Have always lived there

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

Kobe region of south central Japan (Second most populated &
industrialised area after Tokyo)
January 17th 1995
Magnitude 7.2 in the Richter scale, lasted for 20secs

Destructive plate boundary:
The denser Philippines Plate (oceanic plate) is being subducted
under the Eurasian Plate (continental plate). Tension…

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

Kobe is a rich place

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

29th August 2005
South East USA
Category 4

1800 people killed: psychological traumas
300,000 houses destroyed; people homeless
3 million people without electricity
I-10 bridge collapsed. Many roads destroyed: emergency aid
cant reach
Business damaged and destroyed: 230,000 jobs were lost
30 offshore oil…

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

Growing population: land needed for housing
Resources: timber, minerals & hydroelectric energy
Transport: (transport resources) Trans-Amazonia highway

3 million hectares cleared annually
60-70% of deforestation from comercial cattle ranching
Every day 134 plants, animal and insects die
Amerindian populations fallen 9,800,000…

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Sahel María Alejandra Piazzolla Ramírez

South East England
Intensive, Extensive Arable farming: potatoes, sugar beet and


Physical Human
Very flat only 100m above sea Good transport system has
level: easy to build developed so its easy to
Soil is very fertile due to Access A1, M11
Boulder clay…


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