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Area of Study 4

African Music

In Sub-Saharan music plays a big part in traditional life.
Not normally written down, oral tradition.
Specialist musicians ­ master drummers.


Drums ­

o The bigger the drum the lower it is
o The tighter the skin the higher it is
o Djembe…

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Area of Study 4

Ordinary speech tends to be melodious and
performers move easily between singing and
Split into verses or
call and response ­ leader sings a line and is
answered by the chorus
The chorus usually remains the same, and the solo
is improvised.
There is often…


Samuel Richardson


This is a nice description of the rythms, and instruments used in traditional Sub-Saharan African music. See if you can hear each of these instruments in the music, and identify the different rhythmic devices explained in the notes. 

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