A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 6

A Streetcar Named Desire notes for scene 6

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Scene Six
The opening mood of this scene is downbeat and depressing. Mitch and Blanche's date has
been a failure
Characterisation: Blanche
Blanche's encounter with Mitch exposes her sexual double standards
Her play-acting emphasises her need for make-believe situations which make it possible for
her to bear her life
Her recklessness is also apparent. She asks Mitch in French to sleep with her and when she
speaks to him about her old fashioned ideas about women's behaviour she rolls her eyes,
knowing that he cannot see her face
Blanche describes her first love in terms of lightness and darkness. When she fell in love her
world was consumed by "blinding light" and when her husband died, "the searchlight was
turned off again and never for one moment since has there been any light that's stronger
than this ­ kitchen ­ candle"
A lack of light has enabled Blanche to live a lie, but without light Blanche has lived without a
clear view of herself and reality
Blanche needs Mitch as a stabilizing force in her life and if her relationship with him fails, she
faces a world that offers few prospects for a financially challenged, unmarried, middle aged
Yet, although she confesses her role in her husband's suicide, her failure to be truthful about
her age, her past and her intentions suggest their relationship will fail
The Varsouviana music that plays in the background as Blanche tells her story is symbolic. This
is because the same music was playing when Blanche told her husband (just before his
suicide) that he disgusted her
The music represents Blanche's memories of her husband's suicide
When we hear the music in the play it shows Blanche is escaping into a fantasy world and
remembering her greatest regret


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