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Past Vs Present
A Streetcar Named Desire
Tennessee Williams…read more

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Conflict between values of old
world and the new
Contrast between Stanley and Blanche
Represent different aspects of American
Stanley represents the American dream ­ that all men are
conflict born equal and can succeed equally. He is associated with the
world of stark reality, rooted in the present.
Blanche represents the old world, where class and race were important issues.
She is associated with a fantasy world, rooted in the past.…read more

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The South
associated with a landed elite in elegant
For Tennessee Williams the South stood for strong
cultural values whilst the North was greedy and sordid
Little reference to WW2 ­ Williams was more affected by American Civil War…read more

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Belle Reve
Associated with:
False illusion of pastoral beauty
Old America is seen as a beautiful dream in Blanche's mind
- in reality it is based on racism and prejudice.…read more

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represents the faded grandeur of the
American past
Already a ghost!
·White clothes
·Fear of light
·Detachment of
reality…read more

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The present
Stark reality
Stanley is associated with the present.
New Orleans is associated with:
Mixed Involvement in WW2 led to
Economic boom, rise in immigrants
Open/frank and a mix in classes
Sexuality/relationships Privileged/plantation (past)
Immigrant in New Orleans…read more

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