A small worksheet on the Beef Tapework

Info on the Beef Tapeworm. Aimed at AS-Level students and Only A* students at GCSE.

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Biology GCSE Unit B7 Year 11
Beef tapeworm
Taenia saginata
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Platyhelminthes
Class: Cestoda
Order: Cyclophyllidea
Family: Taeniidae
Genus: Taenia
Species: T. saginata
Binomial name
Taenia saginata
Goeze, 1782

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Taenia saginata proglottid stained to show uterine branches. The pore on the
side identifies T. saginata as a cyclophyllid cestode.
Taenia saginata, also known as Taeniarhynchus saginata or the Beef
tapeworm, is a parasite of both cattle and humans, but which can only
reproduce asexually in humans. Taenia saginata occurs where cattle are raised
by infected humans maintaining poor hygiene, human feces is improperly
disposed of, meat inspection programs are poor, and where meat is eaten
without proper cooking.…read more

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Counting the uterine branches enables some
identification (Taenia saginata uteri have twelve or more branches on each
side, while other species like Taenia solium only have five to ten)
Treatment for cestode infection can be done with the drug praziquantel.
Praziquantel opens membrane calcium channels causing paralysis of the worm,
aiding the body in expelling the parasite through peristalsis. Niclosamide, used
to treat many different kinds of infections with trematodes and adult
tapeworms, is quite effective.
1.…read more


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