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A infected female
mosquito with
immature malarial
(plasmodium) bites
a human, and
transmits an
infective form of the
(sporozoites) into
the humans blood…read more

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Sporozoites enter
the liver cells and
multiply, forming
merozosites that
burst out of the
liver cell.…read more

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Merozosites enter
the red blood cells
and multiply some
more forming new
Merozosites or
developing into
(reproductive form)…read more

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The human is now
infected and may
suffer symptoms of;
fever, nausea ,
sweating , spleen
muscle pain and
may result in death…read more

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An unaffected
mosquito then bite
the affected human
and suck up the
blood along with
the gametocytes…read more

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Sporozoites Which
develop from the
gametocytes, travel
to the salivary
glands of the
mosquito ready to
start the cycle
again.…read more


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