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A Modest Proposal, by
Jonathan Swift
Anuradha Damale, 11T1, Speaking and Listening
Exam, English…read more

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Satirical Essay by Jonathan Swift, who was born in
Ireland, but lived in England for some time-
clergyman, pamphleteer, Dean of St.Patricks
Author of Gullivers Travels
Supported the Tories, who helped poorer people
When Tories lost power, he went back to Ireland
He wrote AMP in 1729-to highlight the behaviour
of the rich (especially English Landlords) to the
poor and the Catholics and to show them how the
little ideas that he mentioned at the end would be
the only way to help Ireland…read more

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·Creates a persona to address his views
INDIRECTLY ­ by using the persona of a
skilled, concerned economist (it is a
melancholy object...)
·Written in pamphlet ·The consistent use of semanitc fields (firstly
form because pamphlets economical) show the persona`s vast
knowledge (maturely weighed; computation;
were considered the
value para 4) draw in the trust of the reader
most serious medium for · Ostensibly a flattering and good willed
informing audiences citizen by para 5 (prevent...horrid practice of
about poilitical, religious women murdering their bastard children-
or social issue-or any appeals to women to atop abortion)
other issue of public ·Has a knowledge influenced by other
interest nations (as i have been informed by a
principal gentleman in the country of
Cavan...) so...
·But we soon realise he is a hypocrite and is
cold-hearted ­ perhaps represents the cruel,
who think that the only success is
economical…read more

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Language Analysis ela gn c h o ly
s a m
ce ­ It i standin ree
n t e n n d e r ­ t h
n in g se
p t h y /u
e l d s eg. ... -
O ject ­ sy
ma a n t ic fi xchange
ob e o f sem crown...e age
e a v y us d half a sona`s im e n `­
H d n
s a n to pe r n tle m
o u n g e
n t ri b utio f o r fine ror a ti ng
o t s r s t
m e r boomages, ho t before
`s ntrasting
e r s j us e
IM o b r e e d . . a s w
PO c ord l ive. .
o f w e n a
R TA U a
se e c h ildr motif of
ide u y i n g th inant
a g e ry- b pigs (dom
Im roasting )
do ibalism
`I have been assured by a very knowing American of my
acquaintance in London, that a young healthy child well
nursed, is, at a year old, a most delicious nourishing and
wholesome food, whether stewed, roasted, baked, or boiled;
and I make no doubt that it will equally serve in a fricassee, or
a ragouts.'…read more

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Language- irony, exaggeration and
other stuff
Why eat your 'poor innocent babes` ?
Irish shouldn`t be treated as animals ­
rear, breeders
I can think of no one objection.... (irony)
Use of connectives make his proposal
seem logical (Firstly....Secondly)
`A Modest Proposal`? Understatement…read more

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Opening: He talks about how he
An example of Swift`s voice over the
as they have already devoured understands the Irish and their issues;
persona ­ although perhaps I could name
the parents, seem to have the best buliding up the trust and belief of the
a country...glad to eat up our whole
title to the children.... reader ­ used as a runway- until the
actual idea is presented.
Structure…read more

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