A Midsummer Nights Dream 2013 Globe Performance Notes

We went to see a performance of 'A Midsummer Nights Dream' and I created some notes! Great for A03 which requires other interpretations

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A Midsummer Night's Dream 2013 Production
Theseus and Hippolyta
They are played by the same actors that play Titania and Oberon shows the
similarities between Titania and Oberon and Theseus and Hippolyta
Unlike the play this starts with the battle scene between Thesesus and Hippolyta.
They wear very traditional clothing.
Crude Mechanicals
They enter with a tap dance it makes them easily identified and adds to the
comedic effect.
They are all merry men.
The laughter and the dancing is a contrast to those in court showing the
difference between the two hierarchies.
The Northern accent also adds to the comedic effect.
When Bottom is chosen to play Pyramus he goes and hugs everyone again
making the audience laugh.
Flute has a lisp and is constantly confused.
Bottom seemed to be the most popular as he received the most cheers and
All of them are wearing overalls this shows that they are hard working men.
They are presented as dumb Bottom doesn't know how to count.
Peter Quince freaks out when his play is picked he overacts and the others do
not how to act.
They are presented very unusually in this production the usual convention of fairies
being glittery and with wings, white and pure is not shown in this play. It is the
opposite, they are seen as animals, although they do sing in a heavenly way.
This could show the nature of the enchanted woods they are very much wild and
part of nature.
Their costumes make them look primitive.
Puck is also presented in this as a young boy who is mischievous.
He has horns made of feathers shows that he too is part of the forest.
He is energetic and excited pretty much all the time.
When the crude mechanicals are practicing the play he goes onto a balcony above
the stage this could show the hierarchy between the two
They are unaware of him being there and this could show that he is separate from
their world.
Presented as a proper child when Oberon confronts him about his mistake he tries
to creep out, also he gets fed up a huffs when asked to fix it.
As mentioned before she is played by the same actress who plays Hippolyta
suggests that they are both similar, Titania is Queen as is Hippolyta, they are both
controlled by their husbands.

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She is wearing a fur cloak and also fur all over her makes it easy to hide in the
wood as well as showing that she is part of nature.
When speaking about the Indian Boy (who we never see) she starts crying which
shows her sensitive side.
Has a deep voice and his hench is very manly, traditional like a king.…read more

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When in the forest the fairies hold up branches particularly when Lysander and
Demetrius try to find each other.
Puck and Oberon hold up some branches to represent trees.
The court is not really presented except with just different costumes.
Live music is a huge convention in this play
When the fairies come on they are presented with dark atmospheric music makes
us feel a little eerie.
The xylophone is played when Oberon is on stage he is presented as mystical.…read more


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