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Health and disease…read more

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Health- `a state of complete physical, mental
and social wellbeing and not merely the
absence of disease and infirmity'
· Disease- `anything that impairs the normal
functions of the body.'…read more

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Parasites and pathogens
· Infectious diseases are ones we can catch from
someone else. These are caused by pathogens.
· Pathogens are a kind of parasites.
· This is an organism that lives in a very close
relationship to another organism, its host, and does
it harm.
· Pathogens fit into four different groups.
1. Viruses
2. Bacteria
3. Fungi
4. Protozoa…read more

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· Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
· Enter the body by you breathing in droplets of
moisture that have been exhaled by an infectious
· Not very infectious, you need to be around an
infected person for a long time. Therefore most
people catch it when sleeping in crowded
· Chances also increased by
1. HIV
2. Malnutrition (lack of proteins and minerals)
3. Having a weakened immune system.
· The most commonly affected organ is the lungs.…read more

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If the bacteria reaches the alveoli of the lungs,
macrophages engulf them.
· However even though they are engulfed, they
are not destroyed and remain undamaged in the
white blood cells.
· They divide releasing new bacteria.
· These are engulfed by other white blood cells.
· Slowly more and more cells are infected with
the bacterium.…read more

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In about 90% of people with TB, their immune
system is able to contain the growth of the
bacteria and the person develops no
· However they can cause tissue damage to the
lungs and other parts of the body. Symptoms..
· Loses weight
· Suffers night sweats
· coughs, eventually bringing up blood stained
mucus and pus.…read more

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