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Flat File Database ­ A collection of data
stored in a single table with no relational
links, likely to cause data redundancy
Relational Database ­ A collection of
data stored in multiple tables linked
together using relationships
Normalisation ­ Simplification of data
structures so that attributes in each table
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Data Consistency ­ Where
data is stored once and
used for different purposes
Distributed Database ­ Data Independence ­
Where data is stored at Where data is stored
different locations but separately to any
appears in a single software packages
Data Mining ­ The Data Redundancy ­
processes of interrogating Where same data is
data from a data duplicated at each use
warehouse to provide
solutions or new data
Data Warehousing ­ A large
Data Integrity ­ Where data collection of data archived for
is accurate and correct future decision making…read more


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