A guide to answering GSCE questions

Here is a guide I made to help understand the structure and layout of the exam questions in R.E!

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A guide on answering GCSE questions !
The basics:
· You will answer 4 questions in total
· There are two questions from each section but you will pick just one from each
section to answer.
· The question is split into four parts: A, B, C, D
· You will have 1hr 30 mins to answer the four questions ­ 22 mins per question
Part A ­ 2 marks:
A "key word" definition
1 mark = vague answer
2 marks = correct, precise "textbook" answer
Part B ­ 4 marks:
You give one point of view only: choose the one which you can write about best
Give 2 developed reasons or I developed reason and 2 simple
Part C ­ 8 marks:
Requires full explanation with a developed understanding
Your English WILL be assessed in the part
Use specific, technical volcab
Give examples e.g. bible references/stories to show a understanding
Four points maximum
Part D ­ 3 + 3 = 6 marks: YOU MUST SEPERATE BOTH ANSWERS
Develop BOTH sides of the argument and link to Roman Catholic teaching " I
agree as a roman Catholic"
3 simple reasons, 2 developed, 1 fully developed reason
A: What does numinous mean?
B: Do you think prayer is a waste of time?
C: Explain how seeing design in the world can lead to or support belief in God.

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D: "When you're dead you're dead and that's the end of you." Give 3 reasons why you agree.…read more


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