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Daisy Casemore & Ella Morris

Examine the reasons why there is a gender divide in educational

The divide in educational achievement between genders can be due to
gender identity, subject choice and many internal/external factors. These
key issues include the impact of feminism, introduction of GCSE and
coursework, double…

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Daisy Casemore & Ella Morris

Internal factors also contribute to the gender division in educational
achievement, issues such as changing stereotypes in the curriculum and
teacher attention and classroom interaction are of a main focus. Jane and
Peter French 1993, found that in classroom analysis teachers interacted
more so with…

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Daisy Casemore & Ella Morris

issues affect the gender divide as boys on average are more likely to try to
live up to their labels and to be seen as popular, neglecting their academic
responsibilities in the process. Whereas girls tend to try to avoid these
negative associations, therefore putting…

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Daisy Casemore & Ella Morris

children, men also then to focus on the lack of room for promotion and
the variety of subjects that they will have to teach rather than their
preferred topic. Yougov 2007 found that 39% of 811 year old boys have
no lessons with a male…




A fantastic sample A grade essay focusing on gender differences in education. This can be further enhanced as a revision/essay planning tool by printing the essay and identifying the key theorist, structure and debate throughout the essay. Excellent.



Thank you for sharing this! it helped so much with my own sociology work! :)

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