A Few notes on Old Man and The Sea

A few notes I made last year to help me in my revision for Old Man and The Sea. By no means everything but notes on Santiago, minor charcaters, themes-biblical, poverty, langage techiques, culture and tradition

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The Old Man And The Sea Notes
Author of the Story and Where They Come From
-Ernest Hemingway Comes from Illinois, America
-Worked first as a reporter, then in US Red Cross, and then became a writer
-Expert fisherman and hunter and has travelled widely, namely to Cuba, Africa and Europe
Setting of Story
-Set in Cuba, in a fishing village which is Spanish speaking
-Cuba is off the coast of Florida
-Hemingway had lived in Cuba and knew about the waters around Cuba-he was familiar with the
country and the situation people had to endure who lived there-namely that of poverty
Characters Involved:
-An old man as shown by the image of him `thin and gaunt with deep wrinkles',
-Fishing is his prowess ­he is very professional and technically skilled-he was born to be a fisherman
however recently he has not caught an fish, as the scars on his hands are `as old as erosions in a
fishless desert'
-In harmony with the sea and other natural elements, shown as the brown blotches he has on his face
from being in the sun so much are from `a benevolent skin cancer' and his `eyes' were the same
colour as the sea
Minor Characters
The Other Fishermen
-Split between the younger and older fishermen
-Older fishermen sympathise with old man as he has not been able to catch a fish for eighty-four days
-They respect the sea like Santiago and view it as feminine
-Younger fishermen mock and laugh at Santiago and view the sea as a contestant as they call it `el
mar' the masculine form and are destroying the sea and the natural environment by their modern
equipment and motor boats they use
-Pedrico referenced to as helping put the old man's boat away when he returns
The great DiMaggio
-A baseball hero that is referenced to quite a lot in the story
-A hero that Santiago can be compared to
-Owner of the cafe `The Terrace'
-Looks out for others in the community as gives Manolin dinner and beer to give to the old man
-Various baseball teams/managers mentioned
-E.g. Tigers of Detroit/ Indians of Cleveland etc and Luque and Mike Gonzalez, Dick Sisler, John J. M
- Shows Santiago's interest in baseball and is a topic he is knowledgeable about
-American and unable to identify the marlin

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Cultures and Traditions
-Spanish speaking-Spanish words integrated into text in italics
-Hemingway was fascinated about Cuba and the fact that although it was so close to the USA the
people there lived in Third World conditions in a failing economy.…read more

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In the shack Santiago has two religious pictures: one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus-a lucky symbol of
faith and the other of the Virgin of Cobre-an image that was found floating in the waters off Cuba
-Santiago shows true faith when out at sea alone in his struggle with the great marlin, looking to God
to guide the marlin to him, `God let him jump' and making pleas to God over his suffering, `and so,
God knows, am I' and willing him to make…read more

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