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The Old Man And The Sea Notes

Author of the Story and Where They Come From
-Ernest Hemingway Comes from Illinois, America
-Worked first as a reporter, then in US Red Cross, and then became a writer
-Expert fisherman and hunter and has travelled widely, namely to Cuba, Africa and…

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Cultures and Traditions
-Spanish speaking-Spanish words integrated into text in italics
-Hemingway was fascinated about Cuba and the fact that although it was so close to the USA the
people there lived in Third World conditions in a failing economy.
-This what the lives of Manolin and Santiago are based…

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-In the shack Santiago has two religious pictures: one of the Sacred Heart of Jesus-a lucky symbol of
faith and the other of the Virgin of Cobre-an image that was found floating in the waters off Cuba
-Santiago shows true faith when out at sea alone in his struggle with…

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