A Case Study for Flooding in an LEDC (Bangladesh 2004)

This is a case study for flooding in an LEDC in Bangladesh in 2004, which includes information about: human and physical causes, economic, environmental and social impacts and responses. Hope this helps! :)

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Melissa Jones 10R

A case study for flooding in an
The 2004 floods in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a populous country of 150 million people. When the
flooding is more severe than usual, as it was in 2004, considerable
loss of life and great suffering result. In September 2004, Dhaka…

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Melissa Jones 10R

suffering of the people affected. A heavy reliance is placed upon
emergency aid from international organisations.

In July 1987 the World Bank prepared an Action Plan for Flood
Control. The plan involved the completion of 3500 kilometres of
coastal and river embankments and included 7 large dams.…

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Melissa Jones 10R


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