How to answer Paper 2 (Source Based) questions

I did my GCSE history (OCR) last year and came out with an A* so this really works! I made this boring word document, but I found it really useful to revise from as it's essentially just all the techniques you need on one sheet.

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How to answer questions on Paper 2

Question 1 ­ inference question
Pick out 2 things that the source shows and explain them
Use the other sources to support what you've said.

(eg. `What can you learn from source A?'
If the question asks you to look at source A,…

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(eg. `How far are sources A and E similar?'
`They are similar because... and source A says that... and also, source E says that...
which shows...
They are different because...
Overall they are more similar/different because... and source A was written because...
whereas source E had a different purpose, which…


Scarlett Culliney


Thank you so much, so helpful, appreciate this :)



Thanks a lot for putting this up here, its been a great asset to my revision! =D 

Rebecca Chawner


This is really useful thanks!



Glad you've found it useful! 



Thanks for putting this up it really is useful.

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