A Brief Introduction to Alexander II

Just a quick and simple word document which doesn't go into much detail (only two pages long of bullet points) which basically gives you an overview of the events during Alexander II's reign in Russia.

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Alexander II ­ A Brief Introduction

Eldest son of Tsar Nicholas I
Born in Moscow, 17th April 1818
Educated by private tutors, and had to endure rigorous military training
which permanently damaged his health
Married Marie Alexandrovna in 1841
Became Tsar of Russia on the death of his father in…

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all radical books were banned/known reformers were arrested and
Land and Liberty split into two factions in October 1879 ­ majority of
members favoured a policy of terrorism and established The People's Will ­
decided to assassinate Alexander
Unsuccessful attempts made, such as blowing up the train the Tsar…

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Alexander's reign begun with optimism, but ended in violence and
recrimination ­ some regard this murder as one of the key turning points of
Russian history


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