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Gender and crime- the link
Why do females appear to commit less crime than men?
There are Invisible female offenders OUT THERE IN SOCIETY!
· 80% of offenders are male - this questions why 20% of crime is practically ignored.
· Heidensohn criticised the male dominance of the…

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charge. Women are not seen more potentially cautious than males because they
would commit minor offenses like shoplifting
Evidence against the chilarly thesis

ü Growing females criminality
The pattern is slowly changing in the UK/EU countries.
How: 1957 men were responbible for 11 times more crime than women…

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Westwood: identities are constantly restructured and reframed. We need to understand
how women are changing their identities in a more forceful way and link it to crime.
Heidensohn disputes this however, saying convicted offenders score highly on tests of

Transgression: A postmodernist critique (feminist view)
Carlen: argued…




This is so brilliantly written - although I'm doing the OCR board, I found the way you argue for and against each piece of evidence translates well into the actually exam :)

I was told by an examiner recently that they look for people that write like its a conversation/debate on the topic, and that's exactly what this does :)

Thank you !



This really helped me x 

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