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Latifah Davis-Cole

Right and Left Realism
Right Realists

See crime, especially street crime as a real and growing problem that destroys
Undermines social cohesion and threatens society's work ethic.
They think that crime is the product of three factors: biological differences,
inadequate socialisation and the underclass

Biological Differences


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Latifah Davis-Cole

Tackling Crime

Right realists do not believe in trying to deal with the underlying causes of crime
such as biological or socialisation
Instead prefer practical measures
Wilson and Kellings: Article on Broken Windows argue that is essential to
maintain the orderly character of neighbourhoods to prevent crime taking…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

The Causes of Crime

Relative Deprivation

For Lea and Young, crime has its root in deprivation.
Deprivation in itself is not directly responsible for crime ­ for example, in the 1930s
poverty was high but crime rates were low
Runciman concept to explain crime. Refers to how deprived…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

Since the 1970s, instability and insecurity has increased
De-industrialisation and the loss of unskilled manual jobs have increased
unemployment and poverty (esp. for young people and EMG)
This has destabilised society families and communities life and contributed to high
divorce rates
New Right government policies holdback on welfare…

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Latifah Davis-Cole

o Eg. Young argues that we must be more tolerant of diversity and cease stereotyping
whole groups of people as criminal


Evaluation of Left Realism Comparing Left & Right Realism
× Marxists argue that it fails to explain Both Left and Real see crime as a real…


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