A2 Religious Studies (edexcel) quiz

quiz on Life After Death and Religious Experience(s), mainly for edexcel but helpful for other exam boards. It's quite hard.

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Religious Experience AND Life After Death Quiz
1. Complete this quote: "God...gave his one and only son, so that whoever believes in him will
not die, but have ....... ...."
2. a) What does samsara mean?
b)True or false: it is only a Buddhist concept.
c)How can a Buddhist escape samsara?
3. Research by Andrew Greely showed that common triggers of RE's were ....., prayer and..........?
4. a) Three possible explanations for NDE's, given by Raymond Moody were `lost subconscious
memories', `patients could be dreaming' and what?
b) complete the quote: " I am left, not with conclusions or evidence or ...... , but with
something less definite - ........ , questions , ........ , puzzling facts to be explained".
5. What is the technique, used on audiences by mediums like Derren Brown, illustrated in a
South park episode? (This could be a criticism of Parapsychology)
6. Distinguish between Monism, Dualism and Materialism.
7. What eastern religion's beliefs about LAD is like one-and-a-half-ism, and why?
8. Who said that a NDE is "something very specific which can occur when people are near to
death, or believe themselves to be"?
9. Give Bertrand Russell's materialist quote.
10. Briefly explain Plato's two pieces of `evidence' for dualism.
11. John Robinson: " man does not have a body, he is a body...he is........................... , the whole
conceived as a ............................ unit". What idea does this quote support?
12. What does `cogito ergo sum' mean, who said it and what did he mean?
13. True or false: Karma influences our next lives in both Buddhist and Hindu ideas about LAD.
14. a) What do the following words mean: nama-rupa, samsara, Brahman, atman? Are they
Buddhist or Hindu ideas?
b) If you are a glutton in this life, in which Realm are you likely to end up, according to
15. a) What analogy did Bhagavad Gita use to describe reincarnation?
b) Complete the quote: "Just as a person casts off worn-out........ and put on others that are
new, even so does the........... soul cast off worn-out ...... and take on others that are new"
16. True or false: LAD is an empirical impossibility.
17. a) Give one example of someone remembering their past life (that we've discussed)
b) Give one criticism of the evidence for reincarnation collected during Dr Ian Stevenson's
study in India (apart from pre-existing faith).
18. Explain Swinburne's two Principles concerning why we should take RE's seriously.
19. What is Richard Dawkins' main criticism of believers who claim to have had a RE?
(...-........ .....)
20. From which section of the Old Testament is this quote regarding Judgement Day? "...and the
dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their
21. Wolfhart .......... thought that Apostle's testimonies, Jesus' empty tomb and the Turin Shroud
were proof of what?
22. Which famous psychologist thought that RE's are manifestations of the subconscious need for
a father figure/revitalising the ego through a positive internalised love object, ie God?
23. What kind of RE is the Nicky Cruz case an example of? Can you think of a Biblical example?

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Give two reasons why the documentary `Jesus Camp' supports conversion experiences as
evidence for God, and two criticisms of it.
25. What word did Rudolph Otto use to describe being in the presence of an awesome power?
26. Give an example of someone who has had a direct/mystical experience. Eg St....... of .....
->`mystical marriage' to Christ
27. Why was Peter Vardy sceptical about RE claims?
28.…read more


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