A2 Psychology: Schizophrenia Revision Powerpoint

A powerpoint on A2 psychology Schizophrenia topic.

One thing I will note is that as you only have to learn 2 explanations / therapies for each possible question, I've only included those I've decided to use, which are:

  • The Biochemical Explanation
  • Genetics
  • Atypical drugs
  • Typical drugs
  • The Cognitive Explanation
  • Labelling Theory
  • CBT
  • Family Education

Therefore, if you're using different explanations and therapies from those, this won't cover everything. 

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Psychopathology…read more

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There are two separate diagnosis criteria for
mental health disorders.
The DSM-IV is produced by the American
Psychiatric Association.
The ICD-10 is the European classification.
This PowerPoint focuses mostly on the DSM-
IV classification system, so if you want to use
the ICD-10, you will have to find another
source.…read more

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The DSM-IV states that the duration of symptoms
needed for diagnosis is 6 months.
Symptoms outlined include:
Positive (more than normal behaviour) symptoms
Visual or auditory hallucinations.
Delusions of grandeur / false belief.
Negative (less than normal behaviour) symptoms
Disorganised speech.
Avolition (social withdrawal).…read more

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The two criteria can often cause confusion
There is no objective measure of schizophrenia and
so we do not know if what we are measuring is
actually schizophrenia.
The negative symptoms of schizophrenia are very
similar to depression. Therefore, we cannot be sure if
we are actually diagnosing schizophrenia, or
Diagnosis usually relies on self-report and the person
with schizophrenia usually is not aware they have it.
This means that they are unlikely to report it.
By extension, they may not accept help if they are
diagnosed, as from their perspective they are
Diagnosis usually relies on one doctor's personal
interpretation of schizophrenia.…read more

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Rosenhan et al (1972)
8 participants posed as schizophrenic patients.
They mentioned the words `hollow' and `thud' to
the doctor and all got admitted to the hospital.
They then reverted back to their normal selves,
but normal behaviour such as queuing for lunch
is viewed as schizophrenic.
7 of the 8 are released with diagnosis of
schizophrenia in remission.
Rosenhan suggests to the hospitals he will send
`fake' patients out but doesn't. Of the 193
admitted in that month one member of staff
spotted 43 `fake' patients even though none
were sent.…read more

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Click the answer you think is correct.
The two main The DSM-10 and ICD-IV
criteria for
The DSM-IV and ICD-10
mental health
are... The ICA-10 and DSA-IV
The European Psychiatric Association
The DSM-IV is
produced The British Psychiatric Association
The American Psychiatric Association…read more

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