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Psychology ­ Section A ­ OBSERVATIONS
Researcher observes a situation and records what happens
A pure observation does not manipulate the IV, if it does, then it is an experiment
Methods of collecting data:
Time sampling ­ Decide on a time interval and every time during this, record what behaviour is occurring
Strength Weakness
Less likely to make mistakes due to breaks Can miss behaviours as not constantly observing and
Event sampling ­ record an event every time it happens by ticking a…read more

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Naturalistic observation ­ Takes place in a natural situation
Controlled observation ­ Takes place where some variables are controlled and manipulated by experimenters
A ­ high ecological validity B ­ high reliability
Disclosed observation ­ Conducted in a overt way (can be seen)
Undisclosed observation ­ Conducted in a covert way (cannot be seen) preventing participants from knowing
they are being observed
A ­ less reliable B ­ less demand characteristics, more valid
Direct observations ­ Conducted on actual behaviour
Indirect observations ­ Conducted indirectly…read more

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Observers trained, how many, how created checklist - design)…read more



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