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Psychology A2 ­ Approaches and research methods

Section A ­


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Psychology ­ Section A ­ CORRELATIONS

Look for a relationship between 2 variables with no manipulation ­ the variables are just measured

Types of correlations:

Positive ­ as one variable increases so does the other
Negative ­ as one variable increases the other decreases
Zero ­ no relationship between…

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Scatter graphs:

Show the relationship (positive/negative/zero)
Axis represent the variables ­ context and explain
Title: A scattergraph to show the relationship between IV (eg, age in years) and DV (eg, happiness self-rated on
a scale of 1-15)
Interpret: This scattergraph shows a positive/negative/zero correlation.
Between (Explain the variables)
Any anomalies…


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