(A2 Psychology) Biological Treatment of Dysfunctional Behaviour, section A 'Q' G543

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This is a sample answer for part A of Biological Treatment of Dysfunctional Behaviour.

This was my first go at this question, so the sentences may not be structured well, but i tried my best.

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The biological approach to treating dysfunctional behaviour often involves prescribing drugs to
patients. We know that depression is caused by low level of the hormone serotin and to treat
depression serotin level need to be increased. The study by Kane research whether drugs really help
or it's just our mind and our thought that need changing. He tested Fluphenazine drug with placebo
on patients who had only first episode of schizophrenia. This study was a longitudinal study as it
lasted one year. It also used double bind research, so patients and researcher does not know which
condition they have been located in. He used 3 groups, 2 treatment groups and 1 placebo group. This
was to test the effectiveness of Fluphenazine as a treatment for schizophrenia. All together there
was 28 participants from New York clinic, who not been suffering from schizophrenia for a long time.
These patients had no drugs abuse or medical conditions and they also signed a consent form to take
part in this research. This was an independent design with patient been randomly allocated to 1 of
the 3 groups. The 2 treatment groups would either reactive F. deaconate or F. hydrochloride and
control group get placebo drug. Out of 17 patients from the placebo group 14 dropped out by week
21. From one of the drug group one patient dropped out, and 2 more dropped out due to toxic side
effect to drug. The conclusion is that results suggest the patients with 1 episode of schizophrenia can
be treated using Fluphenazine drug once they are in remission. So we can use biological treatment to
treat dysfunctional behaviour.


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