A2 Psychology (AQA) - Relationships (formation of)

A 6 box essay play for the formation of relationships.

Left to right at the top, and left to right at the bottom, if you don't already know how they work..I'm not sure if it's my schools invention, or if everyone does them like this..

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Ao1 Filter Theory Ao2 SYN
Romantic relationships develop through different Kerchoff and Davis (1962) longitudinal study on provides a feasible explanation for why people
filters. Potential partners are filtered out- field of student couples together for more or less than 18 form relationships
availables to field of desirables. months. Participants asked to report attitude ignores biological approach ­ reductionist
Filter 1: similarity of social variables: ethnicity, similarity and personality traits with their beta bias/ignores gender differences
religion, physical attractiveness, social class etc. partners. nomothetic theories
Often only mix with people of a similar external validity
background poor ecological validity, only applicable to
Filter 2: similarity of attitudes. Shared views make students
communication and bonding easier. temporal validity, times/people/attitudes have
Filter 3: complimentary of emotional needs. How changed since the 60's
well the 2 fit together and meet each others
Ao1 RNS Theory Ao2 SYN
Romantic relationships develop when each May and Hamilton (1980) ­ asked women to rate provides a feasible explanation for why people
partner meets the others needs, for example the physical attractiveness of men in form relationships
protection, company, sexual satisfaction photographs, in one of 3 conditions: 1) nice music presumes people are totally selfish
Operant conditioning, people form playing, 2) unpleasant music playing, 3) no music culture bias- only studies done are on the
relationships because when they are with playing (Control). Men were rated more western culture
each other they experience positive attractive in condition one nomothetic theories- ignores individual
feelings, which makes them want to be supports the theory that people find each differences and peoples experiences
other attractive and form relationships due to reductionist
closer to them more
classical conditioning environmental determinism
Classical conditioning, people may
only focuses on the rewards people get in a beta bias/ignores gender differences
associate pleasant events with neutral relationship
stimuli (another person). If we meet Hayes found people gain reward from giving in a
someone when we are feeling happy, we relationship as well as receiving.
are more likely to like them due to
association between happiness and them

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