A2 OCR Philosophy: An Introduction to Religious Language

I've made some notes on the introduction to religious language. 

This is for A2 Philosophy, for people studying OCR. 

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Somep eoplea rguet hath umanl anguagecano nlybea ttributedt ot heworld
andt het hingsw ithini t.I .e.w ec anuseh umanlanguaget od escribeour
environmenta ndp hysicalo bjects,` thecloudi sblue',o r` ther ockis
Therefore,itcanb es aidt hati si ncapableo fdescribingthingsw hichare
outsideo ftheworld,e speciallyt hingsw hichareo utsideofh uman
reasoningandthinking.F ore xample,G od.
AsG odist ranscendentandineffable,itmakessensethathumanlanguage
cannotdescribeG od.
1.TheAgnosticv iewsuggestthatGodisunknowableandtherefore,cannot
bespokena bout.
2.Theya lsob elievet hatG odi snotavailabletoeitherreasonor
experimentationa ndt esting.
4.Hence,t herei snop ointin` discussing'Godandmakingstatementsabout
Godb eingl ikethis,a ndliket hat.
However,manyt heiststrytocommunicatetheirunderstandingofGodthrough
theu seofl anguage.

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Islam-M uslimshavea roundn inety-ninenamesforAllah,including
`merciful'a nd`compassionate'.
2)Hinduism-intheB hagavadaGita,theH induGodK rishnai sattributed
ton ameslike`thec auserofa llcauses',`all-mighty'.
3)Judaism-J ewishpeopleoftenrefertoGodasthe`creator'and
Theistsa lsot ryt oc ommunicatet hingsi ntheirb eliefswhicha re
considered` supernatural',i no therw ords,thingsw hichgob eyondour
everydaye xperiences.…read more

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Truth-claims-t hisi stheuseoflanguagewhichassertswhatis,and
whati sn ott hec ase.
Example:` Therei snoG odb utA llah'or` Jesusisalivet oday'.
Truth-claimso ftenconcludet hatt heoppositeisnecessarilyf alse.
Example:` Wea ret rulys orrya ndaskf orgivenessforours ins'before
aH olyC ommunion.A nothere xamplecanb ef oundi ntheBooko f
Habakkuki nt heB ible:` Howl ong,OL ord,m ustIc allforh elpbut
youd on otl isten?'
3)Performative-t hisi st heu seo fl anguagew hichb eu sedt op erform
somethingt hrought hea cto fs peaking,i .e.ar itual.…read more

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