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The general formula for any amino acid is:
RCH(NH2)COOH, the R group varies
Zwitterion of Glycine…read more

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The isoelectric point is the pH value an amino
acid exists as a zwitterion
· Isoelectric points vary because of the different
R groups
· A zwitterion is when an amino acid contains a
positive and negative charge, due to the
proton on the carboxyl group being
transferred to the amine group…read more

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The zwitterion acts as a Bronsted acid and donates a
proton to form water…read more

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When a zwitterion is added to acid, it acts as a
Bronsted base and accepts a proton…read more

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Joining amino acids in a condensation reaction
creates polypeptides, joined by a peptide link
and eliminating the small molecule, water…read more

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