A2 OCR Biology: Commercial applications of biotechnology

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Emily Summers
2.2.6 Commercial Applications of Biotechnology
Batch Culture Continuous Culture
Microorganism starter population is mixed Nutrients are added to the fermentation tank
with a specific quanitity of nutrient solution, and products are removed at regular
and allowed to grow for a fixed time with no intervals or continuously. Human hormones
further nutrients added, at the end the like insulin are produced this way, using GM
products are removed from the fermentation E. Coli bacteria
tank and it is emptied, Penicillin is produced
this way from Penicillium fungus.
Batch Culture Continuous Culture
Growth rate is slower as the nutrient levels Growth rate is faster as nutrients are
decrease over time continuously added to the fermentation tank
It is easy to set up and maintain Set up is more difficult and maintenance of
the necessary growing conditions are
sometimes hard to achieve
In the event of contamination, only the one If contamination occurs large amounts of
batch is lost product can be lost
It is less efficient because the fermenter is More efficient as the fermenter is
not in use constantly continuously used
Useful for processes involving secondary Useful for processes involving primary
metabolite production metabolite production


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