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Module 4
Section 4.3.
Coordination and Control: Plants…read more

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Specification…read more

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Light response mechanisms
Light is vital for photosynthesis
But also necessary to direct plant growth and
Light acts as a signal to initiate and regulate
photoperiodism and photomorphogenesis
There are two light-sensing systems
involved in these responses;
the blue light sensitive system…read more

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Blue light response
Many plant responses are regulated by blue
stomatal opening
chlorophyll synthesis
The last step of chlorophyll synthesis
requires high levels of blue light
The other blue light responses are triggered…read more

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Red light response
Phytochrome responses:
Important plant responses regulated
by the phytochrome system include;
photoperiodic induction of flowering
chloroplast development
leaf senescence
leaf abscission…read more

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The need for control
Phytochromes are found in the leaves of
flowering plants and allow determination of
It is energetically expensive and dangerous for a
plant to flower during the wrong time (night) or
season (winter if it is a summer plant)
Therefore, a system is required to manage
flowering…read more

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