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Rate, kinetics and orders

What you SHOULD be able to do by the end of the section:
Define the terms: Rate of reaction, Rate constant (k), order of a reaction and the overall
order of a reaction.
Work out the order of a reaction bases on initial rate data.

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Let's tackle C first. If we look at the table again, we notice that the experiment 1 and 2 both have the
same concentration of A. So we'll concentrate on solely those 2 experiments for the time being
(otherwise we'll get confused), to make it clearer we'll highlight them in…

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However this requires some rearranging:

K= rate/ [A]1 x [C]2

So in experiment one's case:

K= 1 x 10-3 / [1 x 10-3] x [1 x 10-3]2

K= [1 x 10-3]2 (because of cancelling).

K= 100000

To work out rates in this case we only have to worry about C's…


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