A2 Geography: TNC Case Study Infosys

A Case Study in the AQA A2 geography specification.

Discusses and outlines the main features of Infosys, a Bangalore based TNC.

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Infosys: A TNC Case Study
Infosys is an India-based software company founded in 1981. It is one of India's largest
software companies and employs approximately 95,000 professionals. The TNC has 9
development centres in India,
and 30 offices across the
It has offices in Boston (1992),
Milton Keynes (1996), Toronto
(1997), France (2000) and the
U.A.E (2001) and many more.
Despite this, 45% of the
workforce is based in
Bangalore, and well over 50%
is based in India.
In the Fiscal year of 2007 -
2008 the TNC's revenues
exceeded US$4 billion with a
market capitalization of well over US$30 billion.
Infosys has developed a variety of business units in ot
order to ensure they are providing a full range of ICT
services in industries such as:
banking and capital markets;
communications media and entertainment;
aerospace and avionics;
energy, utilities and services;
insurance, health care and live sciences;
and retail, consumer, product goods and logistics.
The company is also heavily involved in education.They have many initiatives which aim to aid
both their existing and potential workforce; the InStep internship programme and the
"Catch Them Young" programme.


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