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12th November 2009 Joshua Elliot Bovill
A2 English Language
Examination Practice Assignment
In this essay I am going to consider the transcript entitled `Emily ­ 1 year 11 months,
Emily's father' and analyse Emily's language development. I will comment on Emily's
language development in terms of Lexis/ Semantic development, Phonology, Grammar,
Interaction with her father and how the language used supports theories of language
Lexical/ Semantic development. Lexis and Semantic are similar, but not identical. Lexis is
defined as the totality of vocabulary items in a language, including all forms having lexical
meaning or grammatical function. Semantics is defined as the branch of linguistics that deals
with the study of meaning, changes in meaning and the principles that govern the relationship
between sentences or words and their meanings.
In terms of Lexis, Emily's language development is reputable. The words she uses are valid
and so are the relationships between these words. For example, `say that again' is a credible
use of language.
In terms of Semantics, Emily's language development is good. She understands the words
she uses. For example she says, `say that again' and then her father repeats what he had
previously said, but she still doesn't understand and therefore says, `say again'. This
repetition of the question shows that she's aware of what she wants from her statement.
Phonological development. Phonology is defined as the study of the distribution and
patterning of speech sounds in a language and of the tacit rules governing pronunciation.
In terms of Phonology, Emily's language development is almost perfect. All but one word is
pronounced correctly this word is her own name, which is Emily, however she pronounces
it `Emmy'. This shows she cannot pronounce the sound `ily'.
Grammatical development. Grammar is defined as the rules for standard use of words.
In terms of grammar, Emily's language development is up to snuff. The language used by her
and the way the words fit together in sentences and larger periods of speech follow the
standard rules for use of words. For example, `Daddy said buy diapers for Stephen and
Emmy, is a grammatically sound statement.
Interaction with her Father. Emily's interaction with her father is admirable at the age of one
year and eleven months they can have a working conversation, where both people
understand the language used and can give an irrefutable response.
The language used supports theories of language acquisition.
Emily represents the `two word stage' in her speech. For example she wants to say, say that
again, however she actually says, `say again'. This shows that at her age it is hard to string
together a few words.
Emily also represents the `telegraphic stage' this shows she's between stages of language


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