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Edward 1547 -1553
End of Henry ­ what did he leave for Ed?
Set up a Regency Council to rule England on behalf of Edward. Had 16 effective
members. But Seymour faction dominated council

-1546-7 saw court factions jockeying for power. Howard vs Seymour faction!
Howards were religious conservatives…

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Somerset pushed finances to the limit, exhausting the treasury and debasing the

The population was increasing more quickly than agricultural production

Things improved under Northumberland, who cut back on spending

Lots off unemployment and underemployment

Religion links to economy ­ government had to fund for religious changes such as…

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Used a lot of the money to build Grammar schools, but it mostly went into the treasury

Published a second prayer book in English, based on Protestant beliefs with no mention
of Mass

Cranmer published the 42 Articles based on Protestant beliefs for all clergy to follow

Political (Parliament, council)…

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the basis of their demands. Often demands reflected the views of
the leadership and not the mass of rebels.

Indications that the harvest in 1549 would be as bad as in 1547 helped spark rebellion

Rising prices, population growth, poverty and vagrancy sparked unrest

They called for a…

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Had to take militant action on the rebels

Uprising could have been supported if the frech invaded = large rebellion possible

always potential for growth, but was properly dealt with

Ketts Rebellion (East)
Most were socioeconomic mainly to do with land and farming

"We pray that... no lord of the…

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