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In This Section We Will Be Studying The Following
·Metals in air.
·Metals in water.
·Metals in acids.
·Metal displacement.
·Reactivity series.…read more

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Metals react with acids to produce a salt, and hydrogen
Some metals react more vigorously than others.
Do they react with air, which contains oxygen and water vapour, at
different speeds as well?
When a shiny new piece of metal is exposed to moist air it reacts
with oxygen in the air losing its shine. It is said to become tarnished.
Exposure to
moist air.
Not only can metals become tarnished but they can change colour -
either change is evidence of a chemical reaction.…read more

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Pieces of different metals were exposed to air at
room temperature. The following graph was drawn:
Other metals included zinc, calcium, iron, magnesium, copper and
silver but not gold.
Looking at the graph we can see that potassium, sodium and
lithium, in that order, are the most reactive in oxygen.…read more

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Gold is a special case and not just because it is a `precious'
Besides being a rare and attractive
metal, what else is special about It does not
gold that makes it a good metal for tarnish.
We can now start to create a table listing the metals from
most to least reactive.
Most Reaction With Oxygen Least
Reactive. Reactive.
Potassium. Sodium. Lithium. Calcium, iron, magnesium, Gold.
zinc, silver and copper.…read more

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To see how metals react with cold water, 1g of each metal was
placed in a trough of water (behind a safety screen). The
results were recorded in a table.
Metal Time to reach end of reaction
Potassium 15 sec
Sodium 25 sec
Lithium 295 sec
Calcium 495 sec
Magnesium Did not appear to react
This investigation has given another metal - calcium - to add to
the table.…read more

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Most Reaction With Oxygen Least
Reactive Reactive
Potassium Sodium Lithium Calcium, iron, magnesium, zinc, silver, Gold
Most Reaction With Water Least
Reactive Reactive
Potassium Sodium Lithium Calcium Other Metals Gold
When the gas is collected from the reaction in a test tube and is lit by a
splint it makes a popping sound. What gas is it?
I know it's..
hydrogen…read more

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lisa linsdell

A very nice PP presentation to help understand Reactivity series as well as displacement. Verious questions as you work through the presentation to help consolidate the information.

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