5th March 1933 Election

Who voted for the Nazis; statistics; results.

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1930 - 18.3% of the electorate voted for the Nazis (6.5
million people).
July 1932 - 37.3% of the electorate voted for the Nazis.
Mass unemployment, Hitler's promises to create work and
the glamour of the SA attracted many young male voters.
The Nazis also gained from voters moving over from the
smaller middle-class interest parties.
By 1930 the Nazi Party had set up specific organisations
which were targeted at attracting a particular section of
society e.g. peasants, self-employed, businessmen,
clerical workers, students and women.
September 1930 - 27% of the Nazi voters were manual
At a time when there were over 3 million people
unemployed, the Nazis were able to increase their number
of seats in the Reichstag from 12 to 107.
Nazi vote increased from 33.1% to 43.9% - 288 of 647 seats
but not the two-thirds majority they needed.

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The SA celebrated with violence through the cities - bad
for Hitler as made him look aggressive, he had to appeal
to them to stop.…read more


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