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Outline and evaluate research into conformity

There are three types of conformity, as proposed by Kelman:
compliance, internalisation and identification. Compliance is when someone
acts in accordance with somebody else's opinions so as to gain approval
and avoid disapproval. Internalisation is when someone acts in accordance
with somebody else's opinions…

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suggests that the likelihood of conformity differs depending on the
situation regarding what people think might happen if they don't conform.
Another point regarding validity may be that the task of comparing lines
seems inconsequential, and a participant may be willing to conform just to
save face in what seems…

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In terms of evaluation, Moscovici's research has low ecological
validity and mundane realism; this is proved by the study of real life events,
although I have mentioned that the suffragettes managed to change the
established social norms and gain the right to vote, this is incredibly rare
when considering other…

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from the confederate by a curtain, although they could still hear each
other, he was then told that he would be asking the learner a series of
questions, and each one that they got wrong they must press a button
corresponding to an electric shock that the learner would receive,…

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were doing, this could potentially cause deep psychological harm to
participants ­ although Milgram did offer counselling for as long as
necessary. Finally, Milgram's experiment could be considered as not
allowing the right to withdraw, because although they were assured at the
beginning of the experiment that they could leave,…


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