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Gender & Crime ­ Crime and Deviance Emma Rudd

3b Are Men More Criminal than Women?
Men's higher involvement in crime was not generally questioned, as crime was associated
with masculine traits such as aggressiveness, physical strength and also down to men's
greater participation in the public sphere. When women…

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Gender & Crime ­ Crime and Deviance Emma Rudd

Sex Role Theory
Sex role theory argues that women are less likely to commit crime than men because
there are core elements of the female role, which limits their ability and opportunity to
do so.

According to this approach, girls…

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Gender & Crime ­ Crime and Deviance Emma Rudd

Different crimes provide different thrills, which can vary from the 'sneaky thrills' of
shoplifting, to the 'righteous slaughter' of murder. Katz argues that by understanding
the emotional thrills which transgression provides, we can understand why males commit

Katz's work is…


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