3.4 Elements from the Sea

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3.4 Elements of the Sea
Dynamic equilibrium
In a closed system the rate of the forward reaction is equal to the rate of the reverse reaction.
The concentration of products and reactants are constant.
Closed system
A sealed container represents a closed system. Nothing on the macroscopic scale appears to
change, however on the microscopic scale particles are constantly moving.
Equilibrium graphs
Here the equilibrium is only reached when the concentrations of both the products and reactants
are constant, not where they are the same.

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Equilibrium Constant "Kc"
Kc tells us whether the equilibrium lies on the products or reactants side of the equation
If Kc is much larger than 1 then equilibrium lies on the products side. If Kc is much smaller than 1
equilibrium lies on the reactants side and the reverse reaction is preferred.…read more


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