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We are learning
· To define acceleration
· To derive the equations of
motion…read more

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Examples of Acceleration
· Acceleration: speeding up
· Acceleration is not just
speeding up or slowing down.
When you are changing
direction, you have
acceleration also!
· Deceleration: slowing
down, negative
acceleration.…read more

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Linear Acceleration
An object moving along a straight
line with constant speed has
constant velocity and zero
A car that can go from 0 to 60
km/hour (1 km/minute) in 1
minute has a linear acceleration
of 1 km/minute2
An object falling off the roof (on
Earth) experiences a constant
linear acceleration downward (g =
9.8 m/sec2). This is how strong
the Earth's gravitational force is
at the surface of the Earth.…read more

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