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Two Scavengers in a Truck, Two Beautiful People in a Mercedes

Read the poem below. Significant words or phrases have been
highlighted in colour. Answer the questions about these words and

1. What is the significance of the words 'looking down' in line 7?
They are an example of…

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2. Why do you think the author used the word 'elegant' twice to describe the
rich couple (line 8 and 9)?
He used repetition to reinforce the image of the couple.
He used repetition to reinforce the image of the couple but also to
suggest that there are fewer interesting…

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described in bland colours.
The poet uses colour when describing the people in the poem, but it is not
important in the poem.
The poet uses colour in the poem to create a gloomy atmosphere.

9. What do you think lines 3233 suggest?
They suggest that life is similar to…


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