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2 Manual Input Methods
Manual input devices are used by
people to enter data by hand.
Pointing devices
Digital camera
Touch screen
Concept keyboard
Graphics tablet
Microphone…read more

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The keyboard is the most common type of input
device. Ordinary computer keyboards have their keys
arranged in a similar way to those on a typewriter.
This way of arranging the keys is called QWERTY
because of the order that the keys appear in on the
first row of letters.…read more

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Pointing devices
A mouse is a pointing device. It is the next most
common type of input device after the keyboard.
Touch pads and trackballs are also types of
pointing device. They are often used instead of a
mouse on portable computers.…read more

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The main use of a joystick is to play computer games
by controlling the way that something moves on the
Joysticks can be used to control movement from side-
to-side, up-and-down and diagonally.
A joystick will also always have at least one button on
it which can be used to make something
happen like making a character in a game
jump or fire a gun.…read more

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Touch screen
A touch screen can detect exactly where on its surface
it has been touched. Touch screens are used in a lot of
fast food chains and restaurants because they are easy
to keep clean and re-program if changes need to be
made to the menu.…read more

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Digital camera
A digital camera can store many more pictures than an
ordinary camera. Pictures taken using a digital camera
are stored inside its memory and can be transferred to
a computer by connecting the camera to it. A digital
camera takes pictures by converting the light passing
through the lens at the front into a digital image.…read more

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Miss Morgan


A comprehensive ppt outlining a range of manual input devices.  A great revision tool.



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