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Health and Safety…read more

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Protection of the work force
The law now requires employers to provide:
Desks, chairs, computers and other equipment
should be inspected to make sure they meet the
required standard
Training on health and safety matters…read more

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Job design
A job designed so that anyone regularly using computers
has periodic breaks or changes in activity
Eye Tests
Regular free eye tests and any necessary glasses for
all employees regularly using computers.
Job design
A job designed so that anyone regularly using
computers has periodic breaks or changes in activity…read more

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Employer regulations
All new furniture and equipment must meet certain
Make sure lighting is suitable
Make sure workstations are not
Provide adjustable chairs Provide tiltable screens
Provide anti-glare screen
Provide foot supports…read more

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Office Design
Certain general rules apply for a safe office environment:
There should be no trailing wires
Food and drink should not be placed near a machine
Electrical sockets must not be overloaded
There must be adequate space around the machine
Heating and ventilation must be suitable
Lighting must be suitable with no glare or reflections
Benches must be strong enough to support the computers.…read more

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Possible dangers and solutions:
Back injury
Mainly due to a poor posture or an awkward
position while sitting at a computer.
A fully adjustable chair should avoid poor posture
Footrests can reduce these problems
Screens should tilt and turn to a position that avoids awkward
Training in correct posture and ergonomics.…read more

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