2015 G486 task 2

answers depend on the ruler you use.

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Oscillations of loaded metre ruler
Rest a metre ruler on the rod ends of 2 clamps. Ensure both rods are at the same height
Measure Height 1 = (so 3
readings of x(1-clamp side,
2-middle, 3-other clamp side)) /3
= __cm (without mass)
Measure Height 2 = (middle
measured twice /2) = ___cm
dH= H 1 ­ H 2 = d1
x1= X on drawing
(for both calculations)
Adjust position of rods so that they are 5cm apart from each end so x=80cm. Carefully
hang a 1kg mass at the centre of the rule and measure the depression, d.
Record x and d
x1= _____cm
Adjust the support so that the separation is about 40cm and repeat:
Record x and d
D2 = _____cm
(2marks for above answers)
1- Describe suitable method for ensuring an accurate x value
Measure from either sides of ruler encase it is slanted.

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Clamps parallel to table, measure both sides for same height on either side of
clamp; + account for natural sag of ruler
3- " " for d value (Q1-3 2marks)
Measured it with and without mass attached
To avoid parallex error you need to measure at eye-level & right up against the
4- It is suggested d is proportional to x3 , prove this numerically within a tolerance of 15%
and state your conclusion.…read more


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