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Where & what happened?
DATE : 11-03-2011, 2.45pm
Local time
LOCATION : near the east
coast of Honshu, Japan .
Strength: 9.0 on the Richer
Epicentre : occurred in the
western Pacific Ocean:
occurred in the western
Pacific Ocean, 130 kilometers
east of Sendai: occurred in
the western Pacific Ocean,
130 kilometers east of
Sendai, Honshu .
Pacific Plate
two hundred aftershocks of magnitude 4.5 or greater
occurred since the initial quake .…read more

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· attained a height of
10 meters
· Water was at least
10km into the city
· flooded Sendai
Airport…read more

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· 688 reported deaths and at least
10,000 people reported missing .
· heavy damage to roads and railways
· Fires in many areas
· a dam collapse
· 4.4 million households in
northeastern Japan were left without
electricity and 1.4 million without
· at least two nuclear reactorsat least
two nuclear reactors partially melted
· Planes, cars, trains washed away.
· Houses destroyed…read more

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"R.I.P all the people who died in Japan.."
BY HEMAL B.…read more


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