2007 England floods

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2007 floods in southern England
Factors promoting flooding:
areas of intense convectional rainfall
prolonged heavy rain
seasonal snow melt
small basins in which run-off is rapid
steep slopes lead to rapid overland flow
area where the natural vegetation has been replaced
basins with large areas of impermeable surfaces due to urbanisation and
industrial development
Torrential downpour hit central and western England in July 2007 worst on
over 200 years
Rainfall more than double average
Stared in June months rain feel in a day in South Yorkshire and Severn valley
East Yorkshire average came down in hour
Water overwhelmed drains, drowning 3 people
Victorian dam cracked at Ulley near Rotherham only 48 hours of shoring and
pumping saved 48 villages
2 days vast runoff had burst banks on the Don, Hull and Seven
Hull 20000 homes damaged 7000 people staying in hotels and emergency
centres one month later
Doncaster 5000 properties damaged
Sheffield £30 million worth of damage
27000 home damaged across region
Leaving lakes of filthy water contaminated with drain refuse and sewage
National death toll reached 7
Gloucestershire experienced 320% more rainfall than average
140000 people without water for 10 days when Mythe water treatment plant
was damaged by flooding
Brize Norton Oxfordshire received 121.2 mm of rain in 17 hours
Oxfordshire 900 properties flooded 650 people forced to leave homes
90 residents evacuated from Osney Island and taken to Oxford Kassam
Stadium repair damaged £43 million
Position of the jet stream blamed for bad weather normally lies over North
Atlantic holding back bad weather while allowing warm weather to move up from
Europe but moved several hundred miles to south due to La Nina which occurs
when cool water surges from bottom of Pacific and cools air above
The floods in numbers
£3 billion cost of flood damage covered by insurance
£3 billion not covered by insurance
500000 houses affected nationwide
10000 homes wrecked in Hull
340000 people in Gloucestershire left without running water over a week

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England and Wales from May to 22 July
£600 million existing budget for flood protection
£14 million cut from Environment Agency's flood protection budget in 2006
£1bn Environment Agency says it needs a year
15% real-terms cut in flood defence budget since 2000
25 warning reports ignored by government since 1997 on need for UK flood
defences to be improved
30 How many more times costly it is on average to clean up your house after a flood
than a burglary…read more


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