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Hooke's Law.

Hooke's Law
Robert Hooke was an English physicist who discovered that the force exerted on a
spring is proportional to the extension of the spring.
He created the equation

F = kx
F = Force

x = Change in length (extension)

k = spring constant

Obeying Hooke's…

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is no longer obeyed). But just because the graph is curving, it does not mean it is plastic

The experiment
A spring is place on a clamp stand, allowed to hang freely. A ruler is positioned so
that the length of the spring can be accurately measured.

Forces are…

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The Young's modulus is basically the gradient of a stress strain
graph. Like in a forceextension graph where the gradient is the
spring constant.
So you can find the Young's Modulus by calculating
Stress/ Strain
Energy per unit volume

The energy per unit volume can be worked out as:


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