15 mark essay plan on how population structure affects rural and urban areas.

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Discuss how population change can affect the Discuss how population change can affect the
character of a rural area: character of an urban area:
· If a population grew in size, more money · A population increase means the area will
would be needed to support the area and become more crowded, and services will
its citizens, for example more jobs, health become more busy as more people are in
care facilities, and money for benefits given demand. This means the local government
to those who need and are entitled to it. will have to put more money into services,
· If the population of Cornwall grew, there possibly meaning larger taxes will have to
would need to be more of all the things be paid.
mentioned above, as well as more · If there is a decrease in population in an
schools/colleges and hospitals, as there are urban area, there will be decreased demand
very few and sparsely distributed hospitals on services, and possibly more jobs
in the area of Cornwall. available. Depending on the age structure,
· A lot of work in Cornwall is mostly political parties are also likely to adapt their
seasonal, which makes the economy policies to suit the majority of people living
unstable and fluctuating. If the population there more.
decreased, it wouldn't have a huge effect on
the economy because seasonal tourism
would continue in Cornwall. However,
work in hospitals and schools would be in
desperate need, and with services being
fairly inaccessible, it will be unlikely that
people will want to come and migrate there.


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