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11 Spreadsheets
A spreadsheet package is a general purpose computer
package that is designed to perform calculations.
A spreadsheet is a table which is divided into rows and
Column B
Row 7
Cell B7…read more

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Columns have a letter at the top and rows have a
number at the side.
Lines divide the rows and columns up into boxes
called cells.
A cell can contain text, a number or a formula.
Individual cells are identified by their cell reference
number which normally contains a column letter and
a row number.…read more

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A formula is used on a spreadsheet to perform a
calculation using the numbers in other cells.
The result of the calculation is displayed in the cell
where the formula has been entered.
A simple formula can be used to add, subtract, multiply
or divide numbers.
To carry out these sorts of calculation these symbols
are used in a formula:
+ to add
- to subtract
* to multiply
/ to divide…read more

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Suppose you wanted to add two numbers on a
spreadsheet together.
If the numbers were in cells A1 and A2 the formula that
you would need to enter would be something like
= A1+A2
To make it easier to enter a longer more complicated
formula spreadsheet packages also have special
mathematical functions built-in.
Two of the most commonly used functions are used to
calculate either the SUM or AVERAGE of a range of cells.…read more

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Suppose, for example, that you had a formula like
This formula would add up all of the numbers in
cells A1 to A10.
Instead of typing in such a long formula, the SUM
function could be used.
On most spreadsheets the formula would be
something like :
= SUM (A1: A10)…read more

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Similarly, to work out the average of the numbers in
cells A1 to A10, the AVERAGE function could be
On most spreadsheets the formula would be
something like:
= AVERAGE (A1: A10)
Exactly what you need to type in will depend upon
the spreadsheet package that you are using.
If a number of cells need the same formula it can be
copied and pasted in the same way as text.…read more

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