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Writing guide for film review, English GCSE

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Love, Laughter, Liverpool
Take a generous helping of romance, add a dash of action and a bucketful of
laughs and you've got `Lovers in Liverpool', this year's must see Romantic
Comedy. Forget `Notting Hill'! `Four Weddings and a Funeral', who are you?
`Lovers in Liverpool' is this year's must see RomCom.
The dashing yet bumbling Humbert Hide (Hugh Grant) is a
thirtysomething singleton, living in the usual studio flat. Successful and rich, he is
lonely and must enjoy his lowfat mochaccinos on his own. That is until the
uptown sassy Loretta Love (Liz Hurley) storms into his life. For a while, the two
lovers live in peaceful harmony on Merseyside. Little does Humbert know that
Loretta is the exwife of psycho Liverpool player Danny Dynamite, but he soon
finds out when Danny arrives at his door to kidnap him, with his two armed
escorts, Dave (Ricky Gervais) and Steve (Jonathan Ross). Gallantly, Loretta sets
out on the tail of the kidnappers in a 1981 Ford Capri. She is unaware, however,
that Humbert is being used as a trap for her and Danny wants her back!
This rollercoaster ride of the heart is exactly what you would expect from
producer Lindsay Lockett (`Romance in Rome'), with its willtheywontthey plot
and jelly and ice cream happy ending. Don't expect much in the way of acting
here folks! But do expect the pillow hugging slushiness one has come to expect
from `Violets in Venice' or `Poetry in Paris'. Added to this is the Liverpudlian
setting and the kidnap plot which creates an atmosphere of `The 51st State'
meets `Love Story' that gives this film a real twist.
Hugh Grant is perfect for the character of Humbert Hide. Who else could
be quite as good as he in the role of floppy haired romantic lead? Liz Hurley was
slightly more disappointing and her acting was nothing short of wooden. I doubt
whether she was cast for how she acts, however. She is definitely guaranteed to
keep the men in the audience occupied for an hour or so. It was nice to see an
appearance of Ricky Gervais outside the context of `The Office' and although
one would expect to get a little tired of the running joke that sees him get his tie
caught in a door, it kept me laughing throughout.
There is certainly something for everyone in this romantic rollercoaster.
Ladies, this film is an opportunity to enjoy the a classic, boy meets girl narrative,
with Danny Dynamite's rippled torso providing both eyecandy and a threat to
the love between Humbert and Loretta--I mean girls, who could resist it! Curl up
with your ice cream and enjoy the slush.
For the boys, there's the toughtalking, hard fighting gangster element of
the film, with some eyepopping pyrotechnics thrown in: the final fight scene
between Danny and Humbert at the Liverpool docks is an example of a
classically choreographed punch up, with some kickass explosions thrown in.
All the family will enjoy the humour. With some wonderful slapstick
comedy from the gangsters and classic one liners from Humbert, get your self
ready for some belly holding laughter.
`Love in Liverpool' is definitely a RomCom with a difference. No wonder it
was such a hit at the boxoffice! Now on the two disc feature length DVD, you
can laugh at the outtakes and gain a valuable insight into how the film is made. I
loved this in the pictures and I intend to love it more on DVD.

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Writing your Film Review
Headline: Film reviews in magazines and on the internet tend to have headlines. Make one
up that says something about the film and what you thought of it.
Paragraph 1
Write something about the kind of film it is. Using a recipe format like in the example
is a good way to do this.
You might also compare it to other films of the same genre.…read more


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