10 Steps to War - Nazi Germany

A series of 10 steps, showing how world war II came about. May be useful to those sitting any Nazi related exam, but it was made specifically for the Hitler, League of Nations and Treaty of Versailles OCR GCSE exam. Hope this helps :)

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By Jessica Creaghan…read more

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In 1933, after Germany left the League of Nations, Hitler came to
power, he felt the Treaty of Versailles was unfair and that Germany
should not be forced to have a limited military. So, he started to
secretly rearm Germany and break the terms of the Treaty of
Versailles.…read more

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The League of Nations conducted a plebiscite in the Saar in
accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. Approximately 90
percent of the voters demanded reunion with Germany and
rejected a union with France or continued League
administration. The National Socialists mounted a massive
political campaign in the Saar, but popular opinion clearly
supported a return to Germany.…read more

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In 1936, after the League of Nations had failed to deal with many
problems, like Japan and Italy, Hitler wanted to remilitarize the
Rhineland. This was also braking the TOV, as that stated that the
Rhineland should be a demilitarized zone.
Hitler marched his troops in to the Rhineland and Britain and
France did nothing to stop him.…read more

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The Spanish Civil War (July 18, 1936­April 1, 1939) was a war in which
the fascist Francisco Franco and his troops successfully took control
of Spain The fascist governments of Germany and Italy provided
troops and supplies for Franco.…read more

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In 1933, Hitler wanted to re-unite with Austria, he order the Nazi party,
led by Seyss-Inquart, in Austria to persuade the government to re-
unite with Germany. The Austrian Chancellor, Schuschnigg order a
plebiscite asking whether Austrians wanted to re-unite with Germany
and 99.75% did.…read more

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