10.2 Neurone A2 Biology AQA

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10.2 Neurones
Cell Body Dendrons Axon
Contains the nucleus and a They are small extensions of the cell A single, long fibre that carries a
large amount of R.E.R which is body that further split up into nerve impulse away from the cell
used to make proteins and dendrites which carry nerve pulses body.
neurotransmitters. to the cell body.
Myelin Sheaf Schwann Cells Nodes of Ranvier
Protective sheaf made from a They surround the axon by Gaps between adjacent Schwann
lipid called myelin that covers wrapping around it several times. Cells where there is no myelin sheaf.
the length of the axon. They do this to provide electrical
insulation and protection. They also
carry out phagocytosis and play a
part in nerve regeneration.
Sam Swingler

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Motor Neurone
Intermediate Neurone
Sensory Neurone
Sensory Neurones Motor Neurones Intermediate Neurones
Transmit nerve impulses from a Transmit a nerve impulse from a Transmit nerve impulses between
receptor to an intermediate of sensory neurone or an intermediate motor and sensory neurones. They
motor neurone. They only have one to an effector such as a muscle or a have several short processes.
dendron & one axon that carries a gland. They have a long axon &
nerve impulse away from the cell several dendrites.…read more


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